The Beautiful and Enchanting Island of Boa Vista

Renowned for its stunning beaches and a culture that blends African and Portuguese influences, Boa Vista really is now officially on the map as an emerging destination for an unforgettable sunshine holiday moving forward.

Boa Vista is renowned for its spectacular sand dunes with its pristine beaches. Boa Vista is the most eastern island in Cape Verde.

When you stay visit Boa Vista it will create for you a rustic and undiscovered vibe.

Sal Rei is the capital and home to the international Airport, which opened back in 2007. It is a shining example of a traditional Cape Verdean town and as you leisurely walk around the main square, you get a real sense of Cape Verde’s captivating fusion of cultures. The tourism success of Cape Verde has, until recently, been driven by the increasing number of visitors within the neighbouring Island of Sal. Boa Vista has remained a tourist place that is well-kept during that time, a place for the pioneering tourists.

More and more people are choosing to visit Boa Vista, thanks to the endless unspoilt beaches. The Cape Verde Government are investing in the Island’s infrastructure, such as new roads, improving the desalinations plants and power supplies.

Boa Vista is certainly going to set to be one of the world’s next property hotspots and I have to say that the reasons are simple: all year-round sunshine, absolutely stunning beaches and an increasing number of direct flights from the UK and European cities.