A warm welcome with every visit

Cape Verde really is a beach lover’s paradise, where the sun always shines and the people welcome you with a very warm smile every time.

Situated in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Africa and only just one hour south of the Canaries, Cape Verde is a tropical archipelago consisting of ten islands and five islets. It’s an idyllic location with endless sunshine all year around and cooled by gentle sea breezes.  The temperatures all year around are approximately 25°C to 30°C.

What’s more, Cape Verde boasts some of the best beaches in the world, famed for their clear crystal clear waters for their pure white sand. It really is a true beach lover’s paradise and one that can rival any holiday destination in the world.

Cape Verde provides the perfect holiday blend for holiday makers from all over the world, gives them endless sunshine and magnificent golden beaches, naturally laid back ambience, resulting in a meteoric rise in tourism over recent years.

Tourism numbers have increased 115%* since 2000, and with high demand for accommodation outstripping current levels of supply, this trend is set to continue for high demand class over many years to come.

Therefore, with its all year round climate and thriving outstanding tourism market, Cape Verde really does deliver the perfect economic and environmental conditions for a rewarding property investment to private and company investors.

*National Institute of Statistics of Cape Verde