Purchase with complete confidence

There is a risk associated with any investment, and whilst property is considered one of the safest routes, it’s still vitally important for prospective investors and buyers to conduct their own research in order to also gain as much information about the property builder and developer as possible.

This Due Diligence process is vitally important to our investors and buyers and we do everything we can to offer our full support so that all of our clients can proceed to purchase with complete confidence.

This includes ensuring we offer all clients a range of information about I Dream Investments Ltd, our partner The Resort Group, Deloitte audited accounts to rental return performance at our completed resorts. In addition, The Resort Group also ensure all documentation regarding our developments is made available; this includes land title deeds, planning permission and building licenses.

About The Resort Group

The Resort Group work closely with Savills and other partners to offer independent studies on key issues such as valuations, tourism performance and environmental impact studies.

All of which is designed to offer every client a full and transparent view of our business, investment model and financial stability.